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With more vehicles on the road today than ever before, the likelihood that a business or individual will become engaged in automobile litigation continues to increase. In order to help our clients avoid the costly complications that can arise in this rapidly changing practice area, we provide proactive and assertive counsel. We aggressively litigate, mediate and negotiate with the goal of seamlessly guiding companies, insureds and self-insureds through the automobile litigation process.

Insurers and individuals throughout Georgia have relied on us to defend them in complex automobile litigation for more than 50 years. Our attorneys who practice in this area have handled hundreds of cases in recent years with estimated exposures ranging from small matters up to multimillion-dollar claims.  

Our team represents clients in a full range of automobile litigation, from smaller incidents to complicated matters involving serious highway accidents resulting in death or permanent disability. Regardless of the complexity or monetary value, we bring the firm’s considerable resources to bear in all of our cases. Our practice encompasses negligence, wrongful death, intentional misconduct, negligent entrustment, family purpose doctrine, punitive damages, suspicions of fraud or excessive medical claims and products liability. We have longstanding relationships with accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, investigators and other professionals to protect the interests of our clients. We advise clients as they sort through uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) cases, including explaining the basic framework, helping to determine which UM policy takes priority in a multipolicy case and which settlements to pay in what order.

Our attorneys’ broad range of experience and deep knowledge of the law in this area mean that our clients can trust us to stay on top of emerging trends. We are currently working on the application of precedent to emerging public transportation options, ride-share providers, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and autonomous vehicles. We monitor the latest filings by plaintiffs' attorneys nationwide and their attempts at shifting liabilities. As more and more litigation funding companies enter the legal fray, we ensure that their financial interests in a case don’t lead to unnecessarily more complex cases or inflated medical costs. Related to each of these developments, we anticipate and prepare for the curves that come with statutory changes or case law, and we understand the dynamic nature of this evolving area of the law.

As a benchmark of our experience and skill in this area, the Mercer Law Review has turned to our attorneys for the past 15 years to write its annual updates related to automobile litigation.


  • Winner of 2019 International Advisory Experts Award — Automobile Litigation within Alabama


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