Commercial Litigation


Swift Currie’s commercial litigation attorneys bring more than 350 years of courtroom experience across disciplines to meet the challenges facing businesses in the wide variety of possible lawsuits. We represent national, regional and local corporations as well as individuals, and we have extensive experience in complex, multiparty litigation and class actions.

We handle any litigation involving contracts, including purchase agreements that have gone awry, products or services that do not meet specifications and collections matters when payments are not made. We also defend and prosecute complex litigation involving fraud, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), covenants not to compete, real estate litigation, intellectual property, business torts, trade secrets and securities litigation. We have experience in employment litigation matters and claims related to wage and hour violations, Title VII discrimination, retaliation, light duty accommodations and more.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aggressive at litigating to generate extra income. When businesses have a dispute, we vigorously protect our clients’ legal and business interests. Our commercial litigation team is known for its experience in litigating contractual language and ability to convince courts and opposing parties to interpret agreements in our clients’ favor.

We provide clients with an analysis of the costs and risks to help them decide whether to sue, continue litigation or settle. While we are prepared to try cases to verdict, our commercial litigation attorneys know that not all disputes are best resolved in the courtroom. We encourage the use of out-of-court resolutions through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and creative solutions such as mini-trials. We will seek the best approach to your problem and provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. 



  • Successfully defended against $22 million product recall claim resulting in a $0 verdict following a month-long jury trial, which was upheld on appeals.
  • Represented a major developer in a lawsuit involving the construction and enforceability of a release agreement, which released millions of dollars of debt in exchange for a second priority security interest and won summary judgment.
  • Successfully represented a songwriter in a claim for royalties.
  • Successfully represented music producer in a claim for copyright infringement.
  • Successfully defended a company against claims of copyright infringement for the use of photographs.
  • Negotiated, drafted, evaluated and reviewed contracts, including commercial leases, service agreements, releases, waivers, employment agreements, nondisclosures agreements, terms of service, privacy policies, transfers of intellectual property, licensing agreements and employee handbooks.

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