General Liability


The general liability practice at Swift Currie is known for providing comprehensive legal services and expertise in handling a wide range of liability matters. Attorneys within the general liability practice possess extensive experience and deep knowledge of the laws and regulations governing liability issues. They are well-prepared to assist clients in navigating the complexities of general liability claims and providing effective legal representation.

A primary focus of Swift Currie's general liability practice is the defense of individuals, businesses and insurers against claims related to personal injury, premises liability and property damage. Attorneys work closely with clients to develop tailored defense strategies that consider the unique circumstances and objectives of each case.

Swift Currie's general liability practice also extends to product liability cases, which involve claims arising from defective products causing harm to individuals. The attorneys have substantial experience representing manufacturers, distributors and retailers in product liability litigation. They possess the technical expertise necessary to assess product defects, establish causation and present a robust defense on behalf of their clients.

The firm's attorneys are accomplished litigators who advocate for their clients in state and federal courts. They have a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes through settlement negotiations, alternative dispute resolution methods, and, when necessary, trial litigation. Their ultimate goal is to protect their clients' interests and secure the best possible results.

In addition to defending against claims, the firm's general liability practice provides proactive risk management and counseling services to help clients mitigate potential liability. Attorneys conduct thorough assessments of clients' operations, policies and procedures to identify areas of risk. They then offer guidance on implementing preventive measures and risk management strategies to minimize exposure to liability.

Collaboration and effective client communication are integral to Swift Currie's general liability practice. Attorneys understand that successful representation requires close collaboration with clients, and they prioritize maintaining open lines of communication throughout the legal process. They work closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their objectives, allowing them to tailor their approach to meet their specific needs.

Swift Currie's general liability practice serves clients across various industries, including construction, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and retail. Attorneys have extensive experience working with clients in these sectors, enabling them to provide industry-specific insights and guidance.

Furthermore, the general liability practice at Swift Currie remains at the forefront of legal developments and emerging trends in the field. Attorneys stay updated on changes in laws, regulations and advancements in technology and industry practices that may impact liability claims. This commitment to ongoing learning enables them to provide clients with informed advice and effective representation.

In summary, Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers' general liability practice offers comprehensive legal services to individuals, businesses and insurers facing liability claims. Attorneys are skilled litigators who strive to achieve favorable outcomes for their clients through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or trial litigation. They provide proactive risk management guidance, industry-specific insights and foster close collaboration with clients. With their extensive experience and commitment to excellence, the attorneys at Swift Currie are well-equipped to handle a wide range of general liability matters.


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