Swift Currie's commitment to diversity

Swift Currie continues to grow as one of the nation’s leading litigation firms, and the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion also continues to evolve. Swift Currie is committed to hiring, retaining and developing diverse and qualified attorneys and staff regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, LGBTQ identification, ability status, background or veteran status. We understand the goal is not only to increase diversity in numbers, but also focus on retention and foster a culture of belonging by valuing all perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints. Swift Currie understands the more we hold fast to that vision, the more it will result in a truly inclusive firm culture, which also allows us to offer more innovative services to our clients. We believe the diversity in skills, viewpoints and backgrounds make us a stronger and more productive firm. We understand achieving the pinnacle of diversity and inclusivity is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are committed to the task. 

Diversity Initiatives 

Swift Currie’s Diversity Committee is dedicated to leading the efforts of diversity, inclusion and awareness in the firm and the community. With the support of the firm’s Executive Committee and leadership, the Diversity Committee develops a strategic plan every year to focus on the firm’s diversity initiatives in the areas of recruitment and retention efforts, awareness, education, pipeline initiatives, affinity group sponsorships, professional development, mentorship and diversity news and workshops.

Diversity Highlights

Diversity News

Diversity Committee Chairs

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