Swift Currie has prosecuted and defended more than 60 appeals in state and federal courts on behalf of business clients during the last five years. We have also been selected to prepare amicus briefs involving important questions of insurance coverage, evidence, damages, civil procedure and workers’ compensation law. By combining our wide range of litigation services, deep experience and familiarity navigating the complex challenges unique to appeals proceedings, our appellate team serves clients as a trusted advocate for their business objectives when determining the most effective strategy of whether or how to pursue an appeal.

When representing private parties, businesses and government agencies on appeals, our team’s understanding of substantive and procedural law conducive to appearing before an appellate judge allows us to work with clients to map out the most effective approach for securing the best result for their long-term success. Appellate advocacy involves a separate skill set, tailored to a very different audience, as an appellate court is a panel of experienced lawyers who must decide not only individual cases but also difficult questions of right and wrong and the impact of legal decisions on society.

Swift Currie’s appellate practice includes matters in which we have been engaged from the start and matters brought to us specifically for our expertise in the state and federal appellate courts. We counsel clients on the advisability of pursuing appeals, resolution of cases during appeal and the most effective approach to persuade the judges hearing an appeal. Our broad and extensive background positions our appellate team to understand the lasting impact an individual case may have on a client’s respective industry, empowering clients to balance short-term and long-term impact or effect when determining an appeals strategy.


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