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A day trader went on a shooting spree at an Atlanta office complex. A serial rapist terrorized the residents of an Atlanta apartment complex in a crime that formed the basis for the television movie, Complex of Fear. In each case, when the property owners needed legal representation, Swift Currie was there.

As premises liability cases have exploded in the last 20 years, our defense strategies have been central to containing the law with regard to, and controlling their impact on, our individual clients. Our attorneys defend hotel chains, retail establishments, restaurants, grocery stores, apartment complexes, homeowners' associations, community associations, landlords and others when those injured on their properties bring claims against them. We also work with these clients to implement best practices in their day-to-day operations that help prevent these claims and mitigate damages.

The more than 50 attorneys who comprise our premises liability team have collectively handled hundreds of claims over the course of their careers. Our team includes attorneys at every level, from those with decades of experience to those who are just beginning their careers, giving us a well-rounded perspective. Since our vast experience has taught us that each premises liability claim is unique, we evaluate each one individually and collaborate with our clients to develop strategies that address both the details of the claims and our clients' goals.

We confidently litigate for our clients in virtually every county in Georgia in disputes stemming from slip-and-fall accidents, violent crimes and a host of other injuries resulting from a broad array of mishaps. In our vigorous efforts to defend our clients, we were the first firm in Georgia to utilize testimony from FBI profilers in violent-crime premises cases. We approach each claim with our clients' goals in mind, whether they want to aggressively defend the claim, minimize defense costs, simply take the course of action that is most likely to lead to a favorable resolution for all interested parties or send a message to halt frivolous claims.

Keeping our clients' long-term best interests in mind, we spend a great deal of time developing well-defined and clearly followed prevention, inspection and other procedures that can help to avoid injuries. When accidents do happen, however, we help position the client for summary judgment or to mitigate damages through proper response and recovery. We also counsel our clients on retaining documents, videos and recordings that can be invaluable in defending claims when they do arise.


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