Swift Currie is pleased to provide the following quick reference cheat sheets. Should you have questions about any of the information, please contact one of our attorneys.


Workers' Compensation

25 Warning Signs
Diagnostic Terminology
Dog File Checklist
Georgia WC Board Forms
Panel of Physicians Quick Tips
Petitions for Medical Treatment
Reasons to Controvert
Summary of Workers' Compensation Provisions
WC-240 Process
Workers' Compensation Flowchart


Georgia Venue Map
Medical Malpractice
Nuts and Bolts of Georgia Litigation
Litigation Terminology


Employee Handbook Checklist
Occupational Safety and Health Act
Recording Requirements for Employers


Alabama Venue Map
Alabama Workers' Compensation Venue Map
ALI Insurance Guide
Claim Handling Property and Casualty Claims
Tort Law Guide
Workers' Compensation Provisions: Compensation by Civil Action
Workers' Compensation Provisions: General Provisions
Workers' Compensation Provisions: Miscellaneous
Workers' Compensation Provisions: Workers' Compensation Benefits

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