Defense Verdict in Automobile Accident

The defendant and plaintiff were traveling in the same direction on a two-lane road. Defendant attempted to change lanes to the left as the plaintiff was passing by. Defendant’s left front bumper struck the passenger’s side of plaintiff’s car causing the plaintiff to spin 180 degrees. Plaintiff denied injury at the scene and drove his car home. Defendant admitted fault for the accident. Plaintiff had a long history of back pain but had not been treated for two years prior to this accident. Post-accident, plaintiff treated at AICA on a lien for debilitating lumbar pain. Evidence of the lien was admitted at trial. Plaintiff testified that he was pain free and taking no meds for two years prior. Defense presented evidence of plaintiff seeking medical treatment at multiple pain clinics in TN before moving to GA and that plaintiff had taken meds from their spouse and friend during the two years plaintiff had claimed to be pain free. The defense also presented impeachment evidence in the form of post-accident video footage and photos of the plaintiff playing guitar in a rock and roll band. Defense verdict.


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