Swift Currie attorneys have attained significant victories and other achievements on behalf of our clients. Below is a list of representative cases that highlight the depth and breadth of our experience.

Defense Verdict for Nightclub Affirmed in Premises Liability Shooting Case

The Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment for the defendant in a case in which the plaintiffs had sued for their injuries from a shooting inside a Hispanic nightclub by Juan Aguirre, an individual known to one or more of the plaintiffs.

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Lis Pendens may not be used to give notice of out-of-state litigation affecting property in Georgia
The Georgia Supreme Court held on a question of first impression, that a Georgia lis pendens filing may not be used to give notice of litigation in another state which may affect property in Georgia. Although the lis pendens statute (O.C.G.A. § 44-14-610) gives no express guidance on this issue, the Georgia Supreme Court has held that all of the common law lis pendens elements must be satisfied before a valid lis pendens can arise. read more
Summary Judgment Affirmed Based Upon Absence of Evidence Proving Causal Link Between the Different Ingredients in the Generic Drug and the Brand Name Drug in Pharmaceutical Malpractice Case

The Court of Appeals affirmed without opinion Cobb State Court Judge David Darden’s grant of summary judgment to the defendant pharmacy.

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Bad faith insurance claim can not be perfected after suit is filed
This was an action to recover under a policy of fire insurance. On the eve of the expiration of the one-year suit limitation period, the insureds filed suit seeking recovery under the policy and seeking bad faith penalty and attorneys fees under Georgia’s Bad Faith statute, O.C.G.A. § 33-4-6. On the same day, the insureds demanded payment threatening bad faith if the claim was not paid within sixty days. read more
Athletic trainers protected from malpractice claims by workers' compensation immunity
A former Atlanta Hawks basketball player alleged that the team’s head athletic trainer was negligent in treating an injury. The trainer asserted workers’ compensation immunity from suit by a fellow employee. read more
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