WEBINAR – Unmasking the Future: Deepfakes and Insurance Fraud


Attorneys Melissa Segel and Kayla McCallum will host the webinar "Unmasking the Future: Deepfakes and Insurance Fraud" on December 5, 2023, from 1-2 p.m. Eastern.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered significant attention in recent times, making headlines for its remarkable feats. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that alongside its advantages, AI also has its drawbacks. One major concern is how AI simplifies insurance fraud, particularly in the post-COVID age. Join our attorneys as they explore the world of deepfakes, lifelike digital forgeries and their alarming application in the insurance industry. This webinar will provide insights into deepfake technology, how deepfakes are being used to commit insurance fraud and cutting-edge AI-driven detection methods. It will also delve into the legal and ethical dilemmas posed by deepfakes and discuss preventive measures.

The webinar will offer one ethics continuing education credit for attendees registered with the Georgia Department of Insurance (pending approval).

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