"Today’s Trucking Technology Minimizes Guesswork in Accident Investigations"

Fleet Owner

Headshot of Richie FosterIn an article published in Fleet Owner on May 5, 2020, Richie Foster provides guidance on how the recent advancements in trucking technology minimizes the guesswork in accident investigations.

Historically, investigations were limited to taking photos of the scene and vehicles, as well as locating and interviewing the involved parties and witnesses. Now, with the development of electronic computer modules (ECMs), which typically save last stop data and record the last two hard stops made by the truck, the ability to accurately investigate and reconstruct accidents is enhanced.

Additionally, forward-looking safety sensors can trigger critical event recordings that immediately transmit to and alert the driver’s dispatcher to a potential problem on the road.

“If an accident does occur, this data is recorded and available for use in attempting to determine how or why it happened,” explained Foster.

Ultimately, the greatest technological advancements involve the use of video.

“Although some in the industry are reluctant to have onboard dash cams mounted on trucks, the reality is dash cams are essential to accident reconstruction, especially where the impact occurs in the camera view,” said Foster.

According to Foster, typical accident reconstructions will cost between $10,000 and $15,000. These technological advancements will almost certainly enhance the ability to determine exactly how and why accidents happen.

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