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Andy Jarrett, an associate at Swift Currie, authored an article for CLM Magazine discussing the crucial role of pre-claim strategies for employers and the importance of suitable light-duty employment either with the employer or a third-party return-to-work vendor.

In the article, Jarrett underscores the significance of light-duty employment within the seven-day waiting period. He outlines protocols for accommodating work restrictions and making formal job offers. By meticulously following WC-240 procedures, employers can effectively navigate the return-to-work process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating timely communication with injured employees and their representatives.

"Employers should anticipate injured employees stopping the job before 15 working days and take precautionary measures to obtain evidence countering the injured employee’s narrative of a good-faith attempt at the light-duty provision,” Jarrett explains. “This evidence will most likely be in the form of other employee witnesses.”

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