“Detecting and Combating Insurance Deepfake Fraud”

Digital Insurance

Melissa Segel and Kayla McCallum authored an article for Digital Insurance in which they discuss deepfakes emerging as a powerful tool for fraudsters seeking to exploit insurance carriers for financial gain. By utilizing AI tools, fraudsters can fabricate accidents and injuries, generating convincing visual and audio simulations of events that never occurred.

“For instance, they might create a deepfake videos of car collisions or workplace accidents complete with fabricated injuries and fake eyewitness accounts,” McCallum and Segel explain. “Similarly, AI powered software assists in seamlessly altering digital evidence, such as photographs complete with fake metadata, to submit fraudulent claims for alleged damage to vehicles, homes or other property.”

They further discuss how fraudsters are capable of forging medical records with the aid of deepfakes to produce detailed reports, medical bills, test results, physician notes, and audio recordings or video calls to submit false claims. They provide proactive advice for staying aware and ahead of deepfakes through thorough investigations.

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