“What It’s Like for Midsize firms To Get Mansfield Certified, According to the Firms Who Just Did”

The American Lawyer

In an article published in The American Lawyer on June 1, 2023, Martine Cumbermack discusses Swift Currie’s recent achievement of becoming Mansfield-certified, current talent management solutions and the importance of diversity in the workplace.

“Since 2020, requests from clients to divulge the firm’s Mansfield status have ‘increased exponentially’,” explains Cumbermack. “There’s not a single client that doesn’t ask us, when they submit a survey to us, if we are Mansfield-certified. It’s refreshing to be able to say ‘yes’ to that question now.”

Throughout the article, Cumbermack further discusses Swift Currie’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity and the considerations that are made when hiring new talent to the firm.

“Instead of just generally having these conversations, we’re now having these thoughtful conversations when we consider someone for a position,” said Cumbermack. “We changed the way we overtly consider people. I think it encourages us to have more thoughtful conversations about these things by making it a more formal process for us internally.”

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