Ashley Alfonso and Yamisi James to Speak at NBI Seminar

Augusta, Atlanta

Two Swift Currie attorneys will speak at the National Business Institute's "Hearsay, Email, Business Records and Social Media - in the Trenches!" Attorney Yamisi James is presenting at the Augusta seminar on Dec. 11, 2018, and partner Ashley Alfonso will take the Atlanta seminar on Dec. 14, 2018.

Both James and Alfonso will provide insight on "Skillfully Utilizing the Business Records Exception With Real-Life Scenarios and Examples of How to Practically Apply the Rules During Trial." Their topic tackles the following issues:

  1. Business Records
  2. Web-Based Business Evidence
  3. Market Reports and Financial Quotations
  4. Directories and Meeting Minutes
  5. Accident Reports
  6. Published Compilations
  7. Writings and Records of Acts
  8. Employment Contracts/Agreements
  9. Accounting Records and Memoranda

This program is designed for attorneys "looking to fine-tune their evidentiary skills, learn clever ways to navigate the rules, confidently rephrase after objections, successfully employ exceptions and skillfully keep opposing evidence out."

For more information and to register: Click Here for Augusta and Click Here for Atlanta

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