“Steps to Improve Light Duty Programs"

SHRM Online

Amanda Conley was quoted in an article by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) discussing opportunities for employers to embrace light duty work accommodations to help injured employees return to work more quickly, which can help businesses and insurers avoid excessive costs of long-term workers’ compensation benefits.

While it is a great strategy for some businesses that are able to make accommodations, “some fields are simply not suitable for offering light duty work, or there are limited opportunities to do so,” Conley said. “With larger employers, there is often more opportunity to identify light-duty jobs due to the greater variety of tasks being performed.”

For more perspective on strategies to return a workers’ compensation claimant to work, Conley led a webinar entitled “Best Practices for Light Duty-RTW: Getting Claimants Back to Work,” available online here.

For the full article from SHRM, please click here.

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