"How to Bring on the Right People and Why it Matters," Courier Magazine

Courier Magazine

Workers' Compensation, Employment Litigation Attorney Cristine HuffineIn the May/June 2019 issue of Courier Magazine, Andrea Obston interviewed partner Cristine Huffine in an article discussing the "critical role that personnel issues play in the success of logistics providers." Huffine provides guidance on how employers in the logistics industry can make smart hires, complete proper vetting and identify red flags in order to find the best employees and independent contractors (ICs) to represent their business.

Huffine begins the interview by describing a good hire as "someone who is an asset to the business" — someone who presents well, arrives to work on time and exhibits common sense.

"This is an industry where all your representatives need to be on a strict timeline to get everything completed and packages delivered efficiently," she said. "If, for example, an employee or IC comes in late to work on a routine basis, how timely are they going to be for your clients and deliveries?"

When checking an applicant's employment history, Huffine advises to contact the most recent employers and try do more than just confirm the employment history. Asking "Why aren't they working for you?" or "Are they eligible for rehire?" will give more a complete view of the applicant's performance. Furthermore, she notes the importance of checking for gaps in employment history as some candidates will work for one employer, file a workers' compensation claim, receive a settlement, leave the workforce for a period of time and repeat the cycle once they re-enter the workforce.

Further, she notes the importance of background checks — for the protection of the employer and employee — as most of the candidates logistics employers are hiring are driving vehicles.

Huffine also provides a list of Do's and Dont's, including "Do get the information on paper for every applicant," and "Don’t be afraid to investigate the information on that application." 

"Remember that when you are hiring, you are bringing on someone who will be the face of the company to your important customers, said Huffine. "If you keep that in mind, your experience and judgment will help you bring on the candidates who will, in the end, favorably represent your company to the people who matter the most to your business’ success — your customers."

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