“How Effective are Liability Waivers in the Age of the Novel Coronavirus?”

ABA Journal

Headshot of Fred FerrandIn an article published by the ABA Journal on July 2, 2020, Fred Ferrand provides insight on the effectiveness of liability waivers in the age of the novel coronavirus. Doing business during a pandemic can be risky because the stakes are high. According to John Hopkins University, the coronavirus has taken 127,417 lives in the U.S. and infected 2.6 million people as of July 1.

As businesses reopen, the practice of asking customers to sign COVID-19 liability waivers is increasing throughout the United States. However, it remains uncertain how much weight those waivers will carry in court. And, if the businesses aren’t complying with local, state and federal health and safety guidelines concerning COVID-19, they may still be found liable.

“COVID right now is like a giant game of Russian roulette; you take a chance every time you walk into a supermarket,” Ferrand says. “You take steps to protect yourself, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

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