"Brantley: Clients Want Certainty in Legal Billing," Daily Report


In a story published on December 20, 2017, on the website of the Daily Report, Swift Currie Managing Partner Terry Brantley provides insight as to how mid-sized firms try to achieve certainty in legal billing for clients through alternative fee arrangements. Brantley said delivering that certainty requires that outside lawyers understand a client’s definition of success on a matter, a client’s appetite for litigation and its approach to deciding which cases are worth settling and which are worth taking to trial. “A substantial number of attorneys looked at [alternative fee arrangements] as flat fee only,” Brantley told the Daily Report. The publication further clarified by saying that firms “perceived risks that the client or the law firm would end up with a windfall, depending on how long it took the firm to do the work.” For the full article, subscribers to the Daily Report may click here.


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